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Expertise doesn’t have to break the bank or take forever.

This technology is new, as is the application of it to patients. As with any process meant to help beautify patients, nuances appear and can make a session less effective. When you want to use something to make your body better, why settle for anything less than expertise? CoolSculpting can be an effective tool for eliminating stubborn bulges and deposits from various areas of your body. Any time work is to be done on your body, you need expertise and understanding of how to get the best out of a procedure. Instead of liposuction where you risk several complications and scars from the incision, CoolSculpting can give you similar results without recovery and without marks. We performed more procedures than anybody else in Canada with licensed experts. Our staff has learned how best to work with both patients and with the tools to help you reshape your body. Careful planning and consultation with patients has led to transformed and pleased people. We want to make you see the most beautiful you in the mirror!

For the most dramatic CoolSculpting results, you have several options.

Treatments can be done on several areas using multiple technologies. Sessions can be done with both the main technology and with the CoolMini on different areas in the same day. Rapidly alter your profile by having work done in multiple areas. Our specialized staff will work with you to help achieve your goals quickly and safely. Some sessions can be for one, two, or even three hour lengths, giving ample time to work on several areas at once. Why wait for a single area to clear up when you can have multiple changes happen? Watch your body change and the deposits literally fade away!


To get these multiple sessions, we offer several packages. When purchasing a set of treatments, you can save up to 25% off the price. If you want to change your body and have several troublesome areas to deal with, we not only will work with you- but also reduce the cost! Additionally, we have the option to upgrade you to a 3-stage BodiSculpting program for more dramatic results. Our specialists understand how to get the most out of each CoolSculpting session and what you can do to get the most extraordinary results. Better yet, we offer the ability to earn free services such as Fillers or Laser Rejuvenation to help improve the look and feel of your new sculpted form. Refer friends and family . . . or let them see how your body changes, and when they ask how you made such a change, let us help them too! You can earn free services just for sharing the gift of health.

Save the Date, Lose the Fat

We are the largest CoolSculpting provider in Canada, and provide the expertise that others cannot match. Having treated over 25,000 clients already, we are a proven process and use staff that know how best to apply this revolutionary innovation to you. We also have 8 separate machines, meaning we can handle several patients at a time, or help you schedule multiple areas in a single visit. This gives you the opportunity to see the results faster and more dramatically. Each person is unique, and some results will vary, but our caring and expert staff will consult with you to get the most out of your CoolSculpting sessions and help you sculpt yourself.

  1. All attendees will get to experience the difference CoolSculpting can make

  2. Witness the top technology in action with live demonstrations

  3. Hear from actual clients- let them tell you how it changed them

  4. All attendees will receive a gift for visiting us

  5. Incredible deals available, such as buying CoolSculpting for as little as $99 a month

  6. Upgrade an existing or new plan to 3-Stage BodiSculpting at no cost

  7. Ambassador program to earn free services

  8. A chance to win a complete body transformation ($5000 value)

  9. *Financing available. Everyone gets approved.

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*DISCLAIMER: These results may vary depending on the patient's health history. While some of our patients had great results, results are not the same for everyone.