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Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck

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Introducing The Best Non-Invasive Tummy Tuck Ever!

Targeting and eliminating belly fat has never been easier or safer thanks to the non-invasive tummy tuck. Combining the most innovative and advanced fat killing and body shaping technologies our specially designed non-invasive tummy tuck offers all the tummy tightening benefits of the surgical version, just without knives and needles. Meaning there is no recovery time, just time to enjoy your beautiful results.

Why Choose Us:

1. We are the Top Choice Award Winner for Best Medical Spa 2018

2. We Are the Innovators of this Procedure

3. Our Machines and Technologies Are the Latest on the Market

4. Our Experts have Performed Hundreds of Procedures

5. Our Prices Will Not Be Beat

Using the latest and most innovative cold laser available we first target fat deposits in the belly. The laser perforates the fat cell allowing it to drain its contents, then the fat is naturally dispelled through the lymphatic system. After the fat has been eliminated we use an ultrasound-based collagen induction treatment to increase collagen production in the skin and repair and strengthen weakened muscles.

The third and final step is, skin tightening performed using a dual treatment of multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. Like the ultrasound-based treatment dual skin tightening promote collagen induction just under the surface of the skin which results in a more taut and firm appearance and texture. All of these services combine to become the best and only non-surgical tummy tuck with absolutely no knives or needles.


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