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IV Therapy

Give Your Fat Busting Efforts a Boost with IV Therapy

Getting your ideal body isn’t all about sculpting the outside; part of ensuring you look your best is making sure you feel your best inside out. Intravenous IV Therapy, is the Hollywood red carpet secret you have been waiting for. IV Therapy intravenously infuses the body with and replenishes lost nutrients and vitamins quickly and effectively.

Unlock the Red Carpet Secret!

IV Therapy has been one of the most in-demand health regeneration treatments in Hollywood, used to help get celebrities red carpet ready and feeling their best.  IV Therapy, uses a tailored cocktail of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, plant extracts, and other medicinal ingredients to combat illness, enhance weight loss efforts, combat fatigue, treat vitamin deficiency, and address a variety of other ailments.

Choose IV Therapy To Treat/Aide:

1. Weight Loss Treatments

2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

3. Depression

4. Exhaustion

5. Muscle spasms

6. Migraine or Tension headaches

7. Narcotic withdrawal

8. Fibromyalgia

9. Seasonal allergic rhinitis

1. Respiratory problems

2. Asthma

3. Sinusitis

4. Bronchitis

5. Cardiovascular disease

6. Congestive heart failure

7. Athletic recovery

8. Acute viral illness/colds

9. Acute infection

A Customized Cocktail

Whether you want a boost to your weight loss treatments, or want to give your immune system a boost IV Therapy can be tailored to your specific needs.  After your initial consultation, a customized cocktail will be created for you. The intravenous is then placed in your arm and the tailored mix of vitamins and nutrients are slowly absorbed into the body over the next 1-2 hours.  

Weight Loss Assistant

If you are looking to add IV Therapy to your Body Sculpt package or pair it with your current weight loss protocol Vitamin B-12 will work wonders. Vitamin B is responsible for converting food into energy and fuel for the body. When used intravenously B-12 immediately alleviates symptoms of vitamin B-12 deficiency such as muscle weakness & stiffness, fatigue, mood swings, and more. B-12 can also your adrenal gland a boost and increase your metabolism helping to burn those excess pounds.

The best thing about IV Therapy is the absorption rate, vitamins and nutrients are directly infused into your blood stream with 100% vitamin absorption. In comparison, with oral vitamins you only get about 20% absorption after the vitamins have made their way through the digestive system. Our IV vitamins, bypass the digestive system and go right to where they are needed, the blood stream. When you get maximum absorption you also get maximum benefits!

Aside from making you feel better and the amazing absorption rate, another added bonus of IV Therapy is the quick efficacy. Depending on the treatment you opt for you could feel better in as little as 30 mins following your treatment.


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