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Fat Killing Injections

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If you want to get rid of small fat pockets, or many tiny fat deposits targeted Lipotropic Fat Killing Injections are the best option.

Why Choose New You’s Lipotropic Injections:

1. Offer targeted fat elimination

2. We have performed thousands of treatments

3. Break down stubborn fat in the Stomach, Arms, Thighs, and Bra Line

4. Quickly eliminate Double Chins, Love Handles and Saddle Bags

5. No recovery time require

Lipotropic Fat Killing Injections, are one of the latest fat targeting treatments, designed to use non-surgical injectables to reduce moderate to severe fat pouches, pockets, and deposits that seem to be diet and exercise resistant. Lipotropic Injections can be used all over the body but are most effective at melting away double chins, saddlebags and spare tires around your middle. Derived from a substance that is naturally occurring in the body, once injected into the target destination the active ingredients target the fat cell; rupturing it and allowing the body to break it down and absorb it.

Getting to the Point

Lipotropic injections are the only minimally invasive fat-killing treatment using needles to rupture fat cell deposits. With absolutely no incisions, knives or prolonged recovery periods Lipotropic Injections target fat cells and neutralize them. Fat Killing Injections are gently injected into the treatment area (under the chin, thighs, hips, belly, bra line) using needles. The treatment is comfortable and is performed quickly only lasting 20 -30 minutes depending on the size of the area being targeted.

The amount of treatments required depends on the area you are treating and the size of the fat deposit. Most patients will require multiple injections to completely eliminate the desired fat deposit. Following each treatment results will be visible within 4-6 weeks leaving a dramatic reduction in the fat deposit and an overall improvement to the shape and contour of the area.

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