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Fat Cracker

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Whip Your Body into Shape in No Time With the Fat Cracker!

Fat Cracker is a dual treatment that eliminates fat pockets and strengthens connective tissue and skin. Also known as Shockwave Therapy, the Fat Cracker uses acoustic radial waves to safely breakdown fat, fat breakdown, fuse and strengthen collagen, and aid in lymphatic drainage.

Why We Are the Fat Cracker Provider For You:

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4. We can pair Fat Cracker with other body contouring procedures

5. We can tailor a body sculpt package to your needs

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A Fat Targeting, Skin Tightening Magic Wand

Using a customized wand The Fat Cracker’s shock waves work to strengthen any weakness in the connective tissues of the abdomen, upper arm, thighs, and buttocks quickly, gently and efficiently, leading to increased definition and tone. The Fat Cracker is also a tailored cellulite treatment that can help break up and eliminate large cellulite deposits. The shockwaves used during the Fat Cracker treatments are very strong and brief, traveling faster than the speed of sound to target those stubborn fat build ups that just refuse to go away! The targeted fat cells are then naturally flushed away by the body through the body’s lymphatic system, this process continues for as long as three months.

Part of the Better Body Sculpting Package

Fat Cracker, is an amazing service that offers beautiful results when it comes to repairing tissue and targeting fat, however for increased results in less time we also offer it as part of the BodySculpting and the 3 and 5 stage Body Sculpting package. When Fat Cracker therapy is joined with Cryolipolysis, fat elimination is speeding up and the results are maximized. In fact, when the post BodySculpting massage is performed with the Fat Cracker wand patients experienced 25% better results. The percentage increased, even more, when Fat Cracker and Cryolipolysis are combined with RF Skin Tightening, a procedure that tones and tightens loose skin for a more contoured and sculpted appearance.


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