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Butt Lift

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Non-Surgical Butt Lift – Enhance Your Best Asset

When it comes to bottom lines we know that everyone wants to look great while also saving money, non-surgical butt lifts give you the maximum gluteus of your dreams without costing a fortune or involving complicated surgery. We can tailor a minor tushie tweak or redesign your derriere with our customizable butt lift.

Why Choose Us:

1. We are the first to offer the customizable non-surgical Butt Lift

2. Have performed thousands of treatments

3. We are the Top Choice 2018 Best Medical Spa in Toronto

4. Our Experts Can Mold, Lift and Sculpt the perfect posterior

5. We have 8 convenient locations across the GTA

Each patient is unique and so are their needs, that is why we developed the customizable non-surgical butt lift. Whether you want to add more volume to your rear, re-shape it, give it a lift or a combination of all of the above the individually tailored non-surgical butt lift can do it all.

When it comes to enhancing the butt keeping the three G’s in mind is crucial.

1. Gravity – Affects the gluteal muscles and skin over time creating sagging, dimples, and pockets as we age.

2. Gluteal Proportions – Understanding the anatomy of the body is key when creating an enhanced but natural looking bum augmentation.

3. Genetics – Achieving the perfect bottom also relies on understanding how to use the features of your body to create a flawless looking posterior. Getting a cute heart shaped buttock isn’t only about ensuring the cheeks are smooth and plump, it may involve adjusting the waist-to-hip ratio to create the smaller dimension at the top and the full heart at the bottom.

Voluptuous Volume – Non-Surgical Butt Lift Injections

Whether you want more junk in the trunk or to adjust the volume you currently have non-surgical butt lifting injections is the ideal option. Improve your silhouette quickly, safely with no downtime. Our expert injector will discuss an ideal shape with you then using top of the line dermal fillers volume will be added to give a fuller more contoured appearance.

Cellulite Targeting & Lifting – Non-Surgical Butt Lift Ultrasound Therapy

Creating the perfect derriere may mean targeting cellulite deposits on the hips and thighs, or lifting the lower butt check for a more defined shape. Using Ultrasound Therapy we can reduce cellulite pockets while also lifting the bum for a smooth, dimple-free bottom.

Tight & Toned – Non-Surgical Butt Lift Skin Tightening

Lastly, sometimes the problem isn’t the butt itself but the excess and loose skin on the lower back which makes the bum appear saggy. Skin tightening can address the saggy skin in both the lower back and buttocks itself for a tailored butt lift that gives more shape, definition, and tone. The skin tightening procedure also promotes new Collagen growth in the skin which will add a natural plumpness and fullness.


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