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Body Sculpting Packages

Multiple Stage Body Sculpting Packages

What is better than one Body Sculpting procedure, Three!!

Using BodySculpting to target and kill fat cells is a revolutionary technology unlike any other, and while it is excellent at eliminating fat cells it is unable to tighten loose skin, enhance the metabolism and remove wrinkles, thankfully we have treatments that do.

We can customize a Body Sculpting package just for you that combines Bodysculpting, Double chin treatments, Cryotherapy, with our innovative skin tightening treatments, body molding procedures, wrinkle freezing and dermal injections, as well as anti-aging skin treatments. Whether it is the 3 or 5 stage Body Sculpting package you can get the body you have always wanted in no time.

Get amazing WOW results in half the time with our Body Sculpting Packages.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Fill free to try them now at any of our locations.


Venus Freeze


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Fat Cracker

Whip Your Body into Shape in No Time With the Fat Cracker! Fat Cracker...

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Fat Killing Injections


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IV Therapy


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Butt Lift


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Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck


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