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Sometimes you need a little less

CoolMini can help with smaller problem areas

The CoolSculpting process was cleared by the FDA for stubborn deposits of fat in broad areas. Abdominal areas, love handles, both inner and outer thighs all have a habit of holding onto fat. That is where the process shines. However, those are not the only places you can find a deposit that just won’t go away. What about a second chin, or around your knees or armpits? Once it develops, those fat cells can empty, but will never go away. That leaves you with a bulge of fat that can wear on your self-image. Even after losing the weight, stubborn bulges can remain. The fat there can be just as stubborn and hard to get rid of. At least- it used to be.

Don’t Hide the Fat, Eliminate It!

The same process that makes sculpting the larger areas of your body so painless and easy can now be applied to the smaller deposits as well with CoolMini. Just like the larger version, it uses a vacuum to gather up an area of your skin, and use controlled cooling to freeze and damage only the fat cells. Just like the larger areas, after the treatment you have no scarring, no incisions, and no marks to show what happened. Recovery time is immediate, and over a while you will see dramatic results! Each CoolSculpting treatment is about an hour, and requires only that you don’t move the area so the vacuum seal is not broken. If you can sit still for an hour, you can start to reshape your body.

Remember, fat cells are created by the body, and never go away. They can deflate to give the impression of being gone, but they can remain even after you lose weight. This process doesn’t reduce fat cells; it destroys them. Your body does the rest naturally, painlessly. Some areas of the body are too hard to find an exercise for like the chin. How can you get rid of that little bulge? Liposuction can do it, but can leave a mark and soreness. CoolSculpting tools like the CoolMini can do it an hour at a time and reshape your jawline to the most beautiful you it can be.


Caring Professionals Make All the Difference by treating Small Areas!

Regardless of the tool, this process is painless and requires no recovery time. No marks or scars will occur from the treatments. Application is done with care and consideration for you, done by experienced professionals. The CoolScuplting process and CoolMini are tools to beautify your body by touching up trouble areas. Our staff are there to make sure you understand and are comfortable through the process. We are second to none in both the application and care for our patients.

This breakthrough in technology is approved by the FDA, and was only launched in October of 2015. That means few are familiar with it, and finding experienced professionals can be difficult. Using utmost care and consideration for your body and needs, we carefully craft a CoolSculpting treatment program with you in consultations. Our expertise and your needs combine into a method of treatment that is tailored to what you are looking for. Caring staff will help you relax and walk you through the process, and make sure everything is understood before we begin.

Clients may achieve a contoured jawline and chin with 1 – 2 visits.*

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*DISCLAIMER: These results may vary depending on the patient's health history. While some of our patients had great results, results are not the same for everyone.