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Targeting Tough Areas: Double Chins & Turkey Neck

Despite widespread media reports to the contrary, as a whole; society is living healthier lives than ever before. More of us are opting to go to the gym frequently, as well as turning away from pop and junk foods in favour of plant-based diets and caloric awareness. This new focus on health a great majority of North Americans have embraced has also allowed the health conscious and fitness savvy to get the lean, toned and chiselled bodies they want.


While most gym regulars are focused on defining abs, targeting love handles and tightening up their posterior, there are a few areas that are impossible to tone no matter the amount of exercise.

The fat deposit that forms under the chin is one of the persistent areas that remains exercise and diet resistant. Whether yours is a solid bulge of fat like the traditional Double Chin or you have excess skin as well making for a Turkey Neck, either way most people wish they could permanently rid themselves of the excess fat under their chin and on their neck. 

Not only is the fat that accumulates under the chin troublesome to get rid of, it automatically ages a person making them look much older than they are.

Chin Applicator: Small Package, Big Results

Chin Applicator relies on Cryolipolysis to freeze, kill, and expel pesky fat that accumulates under the chin and on the neck. While Chin applicator is still relatively new the clinical results have been amazing with participants experiencing great results. During a 4.5 month long clinical study, researchers found that 77 percent of patients had a significant reduction in the appearance of lax tissue under the chin, while 75 percent reported their chins looked more toned and their overall profile had improved greatly.

How It Works

Similar to its larger counterpart, Chin applicator uses two plates and a suction tool to gently pull the fat and loose skin into the applicator. There the two metal plates cool the area to the ideal temperature that causes fat to crystalize and die, but leaves adjacent tissue and cells undamaged. As the fat cell dies its contents drain and are naturally expelled from the body through the lymphatic system. Unlike fat targeting lasers that perforate the cell allowing it to drain and deflate, but never die. Meaning they can refill overtime, especially if you don’t watch your diet and exercise. Chin Applicator completely freezes and kills the fat cell meaning that cell can never come back. Yes you can regain weight and a new cell can form but this is much more difficult than just allowing a deflated cell to inflate again. 

Double chin treatment is the ideal non-surgical procedure because there is no downtime following a treatment and there are absolutely no needles or injections needed, making it the easier, pain-free way to tone and tighten the hard to target skin and fat under the chin. This innovative treatment can also be used on the knees, and on the backs of arms to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits that seem to never get any smaller no matter what you do.


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