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CoolSculpting is a new technology designed to help you drastically reduce fat safely and easily. Developed by Harvard scientists, this process is FDA-cleared and can provide noticeable, lasting results. Utilizing targeted and controlled application of cold to your problem areas can dramatically alter you. By causing the fat to begin to die off, and then your body filter out the dead cells, you can reshape your profile and remove those stubborn bulges. Without an incision, you do not run the risk of infection, scarring, or punctures. As the body filters out the cells naturally, you don’t face recovery time or issues with bodily functions. Just a quick application of cold in a problem area, and then let your body do the work.

Freezing the fat with a controlled temperature produce miraculous results by causing injuries only to the fat cells which then will be eliminated from that area! The treatment is very safe with no downtime.

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What is CoolSculpting like?

Relaxing – You can take it easy while the process is applied

Safe – The cold will only affect fat cells, and your body’s natural process cleans up after

Customized through consultation – Experts will help you determine how to get the most out of treatments

Progressive – Several sessions might be needed, but each will contribute to a new you

We represent the largest CoolSculpting provider in Canada, with several machines in our office to let us serve several patients at once. With large and smaller applicators for various areas of the body, we are capable of working on both major and minor problem areas. Our team of experienced CoolSculpting technicians and caring staff will walk you through the process with personalized consultations. We will find how best to handle your stubborn issues- large and small. Some patients even get several areas worked on in a day for faster results. Several sessions are likely, but with each area worked on per session, your results will come. When you come to us, you receive top qualified and experienced individuals working with your specific goals and need

We are experts - not just in coolsculpting, but in bodysculpting, Shockwave and venus freezing as well.

Shockwave: It is a unique procedure which involves unfocused Acoustic Radial waves which are in a movement (physical as well as mechanical). These waves are really helpful for cellulite reduction, improvement of muscles, and even lymphatic drainage. The perk is that when these waves are used with Coolsculpting, the results are boosted instantly and unbelievable outcomes can be noticed in just 2-6 weeks instead of waiting for the results in 1-3 months, and that makes it quite an effective process when it comes to getting quicker results.

Venus Freezing: This special technique works with heat, radio frequency and P.E.M.F (referred to as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field). The process involves heating the skin to a temperature which is clinically effective for skin, and it starts stimulating the fiber blast cells which in turn results in the production of collagen and elastin. In this way, tighten and firm skin is achieved while P.E.M.F create vessels oxygen. This procedure is performed to further the Coolsculpting results, and thus more effective results are achieved.

CoolSculpting Experience

Hear Real clients stories about their CoolSculpting experience and Complete Body Transformations.*

Sessions are Painless and Easy

Sessions do not require any effort on your part. You can relax, read a book, check your phone to surf the internet, whatever you wish. We regularly hold events to show people how easy and simple it can be to get a session done. At one of these events you can see a live demonstration of the process, talk to our specialists, and learn more about the process. We also are on-hand to discuss package deals to save you money, and our new Ambassador program to help you earn free services.

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*DISCLAIMER: These results may vary depending on the patient's health history. While some of our patients had great results, results are not the same for everyone.